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You can try telephone charades, celebrities, in the manner of the adverb, and even Star Wars pictionades (a game of my own invention).

Printables: Need a printable charades word list ready to go? Click the links below to open the word lists, then just print them and cut along the lines for paper strips of words ready for acting.

The app really gains points though, for its creativity.

We’ve seen too many apps kick around old ideas in hopes of a breakthrough.

That’s right, you’re actually interacting with the other person, moving you immediately way above and beyond the whole, “Hey, What’s up” stage.

For someone looking to clue into the others personality or looking for more pizazz than your typical dating app, well, Charade Date has the recipe.

He might take slow, exaggerated steps, as if he were walking on the moon, then pretend to put up a flag and salute to it.

Right the first time you log-in, but hell, then they could charge ,000 per-download.

Really, we give this app a top rating because it goes above and beyond.

Anything to get his teammates to shout out the word do is talk or make any noise.

(Another possible rule: It’s debatable whether Tucker can point to things, like the framed picture of Neil Armstrong his uncle has on the wall.

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Virtual dating just got a whole let less lazy and a whole lot more crazy.

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