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There was so must standing water and mud that it made the easiest of obstacles difficult to ride over with even the top riders falling off.Promptly at 11am the four Classes were dispatched at 15 seconds intervals running to their machines to start two hours nonstop of mayhem, chaos and give entertainment to the 300 spectators.Part two of the Dave Roper Memorial Event was the Youth Hare & Hounds organised by the Sudbury Motor Cycle Club.This is the third one staged this year and was on the historic Tye Farm Great Cornard where World and British Champions have ridden and is always a test of rider’s skills on the tricky adverse cambers.Stamina was needed but towards the end tiredness set in where the riders made silly mistakes and let others pass them.However Roper was in top form seem to go even faster and at the end he was the winner on 38 laps.Mitchell/Mayers wins the Class for 2017 from Mutten/Morley second with brothers Rick and Jamie Roper third who were only able to ride the first two rounds due to Jamie’s injury.There a hard fought battle in the Expert Class for the first seven places.

The Sudbury Motor Cycle Club had to deal with thick snow in December in the 1960s when organising Trials but their motto was ‘The Show Must Go On’ and this traditional is carried on today amended to ‘We Don’t Do Cancel’.

Roper was soon completing his second lap having passed Sargeant who had fallen on her first lap.

These youngsters just do not give up they all battled through the hour session catching each other up exchanging positions fighting tooth and nail.

Jake Roper was first away closely followed by Georgia Potter and Louis Dutton then there was a gap before Will Belton and Jemma Sargeant got started.

At the end of lap one it was Roper with a good lead followed by Dutton, Potter, Belton, Evan Herbert, Morgan Plaskett, Evan Brown, Lola Jane Miller, and Maisey Hockney.

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