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He certainly makes a woman feel that she’s the centre of his attention.

He’s very attentive and a good listener.” Evan looked at me, thoughtfully, for some seconds.

There was more than enough armchairs and sofas to seat everyone and I chose the right corner of a three-seater, sitting back with my wine glass balanced on the sofa arm.

I crossed my left thigh over my right leg and jiggled my left foot. Evan wore boxer shorts although everyone else remained gloriously naked. ” he asked, the ice in his tumbler of gin and tonic rattling as he settled down beside me.

We both knew what our impending union was all about: he would supply the physical solution to satiate my desire. “You sure know how to make a woman feel desirable.” “But you are desirable. Oh, Tony, it’s a lovely house, really enormous and the garden is beautiful with a pool and manicured lawn.

It’s not just words or flattery, you are a very attractive woman and your husband is an extremely lucky man.” Oh dear, why did he mention husband? It’s only a small party, about nine of us I think, mostly Gaynor’s and Charlie”s work friends.

I returned his wave, setting my tits in motion, and thought, “If you were a woman, Tony, I’d bet you’d want a cock like Justin’s banging you.” The party moved indoors as the evening air chilled slightly and the light faded.

Food and drinks were spread out in the kitchen and another table was laid in the lounge.

I think this could be our lucky day.” “Yes, it could,” I mumbled, my eyes focused on Justin as he talked with Gaynor and Mr Millionaire Evan at the buffet table.

“You know,” he said slowly, “we’ve hardly met but I can tell that you are special lady.

Pardon me for asking, and you don’t have to answer, but have you ever been unfaithful to your husband?

One lifetime’s experience, that’s all I needed, and Justin was here, on hand, for that purpose. His meaty member flapped inches from my face as he offered his hands to help me rise. “And yes, you’re right, an escort must pamper his lady friends.” “I look forward to being pampered,” I said, “and being properly served.” I looked down at his super dark man-tool which hung heavily between his lean thighs and then I turned and walked towards the house. Justin strolled at my side and rested an arm across my shoulders. It’ll be my pleasure to do whatever you desire.” My heart pounded in my chest and my knees weakened at the thought of his mighty wand working its magic in me.

As a professional escort, he was an ideal partner and there was absolutely no loose ends to worry about, no strings attached. Somehow, I resisted the temptation to take him in my hands and feed his glorious plum head into my mouth. “You know I get all kinds of women to serve, all shapes and sizes and ages,” he said softly. “That’s very gallant of you again,” I managed to say.

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“Okay, honey, I’ll let you go and see you at home tomorrow. ” “That’ll be good.” “Okay, you have a good time and remember me to Gaynor and Charlie. Alright, I know, that gives you a lot of scope,” he laughed.

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