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Our lives were unrecognizable and together we recreated our world.I am saddened to observe the destruction and uprooted lives from Hurricane Harvey and Irma.Also, be sure to check out the groups that I offer for reduced rates.

After the storms, residents lack the time and resources to schedule and come in for office sessions.

Don't be surprised if I personally answer my phone.""You're scared and you feel helpless because you can't get a word out of your teen, but you know something is wrong.

Something is not quite right because he/she seems sad all the time and hides out in his/her room.

Why should we make it more complicated for ourselves?

With 20 years of clinical and academic experience, it would be an honor if you would allow me to help you simplify your life.

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Parents and teens facing difficulty may find teen counseling effective and helpful.

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  1. Il s’agit d’une révolution douce, qui s’est imposée en dix ans à peine, des pans entiers de nos vies et de nos relations, et mettant la communication électronique au centre de bien des problématiques relationnelles et sociales. Car sur la Toile, nous achetons, nous nous informons, nous donnons notre avis sur tout et n’importe quoi, nous « draguons », retrouvons des copains et des « ex », nous préparons nos vacances et gérons nos comptes, nous jouons, rencontrons virtuellement de nouveaux amis (qui resteront virtuels, ou pas), bref, nous dupliquons là ce que nous faisions auparavant et sans ces écrans.