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Platinum Égoïste is extension of aquatic fougères, based on fresh geranium, rosemary and lavender, all charged with metallic sheen that gives impression of platinum color. Probably the most well balanced scent from the 90s.A truly beautiful mix of botanicals with freshness. This hidden gem is also a monster compliment-magnet, girls love it! The new 2017 batch doesn't last more than 6 hours on my skin, sillage is heavy within 45 min range then it's just ok.Suitable for any occasion or season, but I would avoid it in winter due to its cooling metallic vibe.Monster projection, silage and longevity on my skin.As far as I know the composition has been reformulated in the past and all I can say in this regard is I have the reformulated version and it smells very contemporary.No one would define this as old or dated (unlike the original Egoiste or Antaeus for instance).The performance is also great - sparing application still lasts all day with a great silage.

But this wood note they used in PE is really just fresh newly cut wood.

However, the current version dispels all those concerns - It's still got the signature metallic freshness from the lavender/geranium/rosemary combo, but it's perfectly balanced by moss, woods and amber in the base to prevent it feeling harsh.

As a result, it gives a great rendition of a fresh modern barbershop fragrance.

First a side note , If anybody is or ever will be remotely interested in getting something like A&F Fierce, the smartest best choice of a fragrance to get would be this , Chanel Platinum Egoiste. with the subtle , a bit more than minimal, but not cluttered in the slightest.

slick, also very classy _ refined, in another sense it has a rugged masculine edge too.

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