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For me God is derived from evolution; the inherited differences between men and women.These inherited differences between men and women then dictate what the natural highest functioning relationship form between men and women is; the highest functioning relationship form being patriarchy.It is harder for a man to be a traditional man than it is for a woman to want a traditional man and function herself as a traditional woman in this feminist cultural climate.

He may even fear that there are no such women, that all women have been contaminated by feminism and therefore are unsafe to have relationships with.However I am directing my advice here to secular men who either don’t believe in God or at least are not connected to religious communities. The thing is you don’t have to believe in an established religious faith in order to gain the practical and moral benefits of the religious way of thinking where God is the organizing principle of life and obedience to God is the first principle of all morality.What is key is that you have a God concept that you can believe in and that you submit yourself to this God concept.These additional challenges faced by the traditional man in becoming a traditional man means that there are fewer traditional men around than traditional women meaning that once a man succeeds in his quest to become a highly functional ethical traditional man he will have his pick of high quality traditional women to choose from because becoming a traditional man is a highly valued status achievement in its own right in the eyes of a traditional woman.So where to find a traditional woman once you as a secular man are ready for the challenge?

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